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Greggan pinted on Glass in Oslo

I found this spitting image of my self, painted on a window in Oslo.
I think it looks just like me, in other words beautiful :0)

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Draw your own Teddy Bear art, send it to me and I have it published here!

"Gone fishing" by Rose
November ´25 2003

"Lessen liten nalle" (Sad little bear) by Eley.Y
April '1 2002

"Cute cuddlies"  by Tiffany
November 28' 2002

"Teddy" by Josefine
September 18' 2002

"1st computer drawing" by Debby
August 23' 2002

"Buster" by Holly Carden

May 07' 2002

"Ernie" by Elizabeth

May 26' 2002

"Mr.migeuls 'i love you'" by Jennie girvan
January 27' 2002
"Greetings" by Honk Germany
December 18' 2001

"Give a big hug" by JJaspreet Jawanda
December 18' 2001

"I Love You!" by Jessica & Jeff
 December 8' 2001

"Justin's bear" by Justin paquette
October 20' 2001

"My Teddy Bear Marc" by Carrie D

October 10' 2001

"Teddy O"  by  Ashley spears

September 25' 2001