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Lost and Missing Bear friends!
"Your Friend" is missing :0(
Our teddy (named:"Your Friend" was last seen in Heathrow Airport at the departure gate 10 minutes before American Airlines Flight 155 to Boston on Sunday November 6. He was either dropped while boarding the flight or during the flight as bags shifted.

We had taken him on many trips - this was his first trip to the UK. He visited Castles, rode trains and toured London.

He is missed by his family of other Teddy's who stayed in Boston.
Please contact kcfreeloader@hotmail.com if you find him.
Missin and lost Teddy Bear
Lost bear poster

Watson has got lost and are desperately looking for his home!
Lost Teddy Bear
Last April 18, 2007, I lost my teddy bear Watson while
travelling on the subway of New York city.  Watson has been
travelling with me for more than 20 years and has pictures
in Europe, Asia and the United States. Here is a picture of Watson
in the Pacific Coast highway.  He is just a small teddy bear around 5" tall
but he is so precious to me.   I am hoping someone will find him and
bring him home to me.  Please email me at peggyapl@gmail.com.  
Thank you very much.

Teddy was an active sports enthusiast last seen preparing to set sail at Hariph's Bridge,
Chilmark, Massachusetts, USA. He is a Gund brand teddy bear and is still sorely missed.
If anyone knows of where I might obtain the same Gund bear,
please email me at kmaywaite@profirefighter.com
A surprise return after months traveling would be readily believed. Thanks, Liam & Devin's Mom
Left behind and lost teddybears
Forgotten and Lost Teddy Bears


These Teddy(s) are missing there human Bear friend(s)!

If you have found one of the lost Bear's or can help to find a similar new or second hand Teddy

please get in touch with the humans thru there e-mail Thank you / Greggan

Bertie bear from New Zealand is missing
Bertie Bear: Missing in New Zealand

Bertie Bear is the mascot of Rake Church of England School.
Rake is a small village a few miles north of Petersfield, Hampshire, UK.

Bertie has been the school mascot for 12 years and has been taken on
holiday throughout the world by pupils and staff from the school.

The point of this e-mail is to inform you that Bertie went missing
in Wellington Airport, New Zealand in February 2006 while on holiday
with a pupil from the school.
He could, therefore, be anywhere in the world and we are writing to ask
whether you would be kind enough to forward this e-mail to whomever you
think could help us find Bertie and re-unite his with his chums back in the UK.

Please take a look at our web site: www.where-in-the-world-is-bertie-bear.co.uk
for full details, description and how you can help.

Best wishes

John Studd

Gregory lost :0(

We lost gregory on sunday the 28th of March in a taxi in Paris, france
travelling from the Place de Clichy to 40 rue Jacques Ibert in the 17th
arrondissement. The police lost & found department have so far been
extremely unhelpful even though I have placed a missing item
declaration & called every few days.

Thankyou for your help

jenny Whiffen   jenny.whiffen@wanadoo.fr

I lost my Teddy Bear

This call for help came from Sal
My 4 year old son recently lost his lifelong friend, "Baby Bear." If anyone could please help to
locate another or maybe even have found him We'd all really be grateful.
He was a part of our family and is missed by all of us. He originally had a
blue ribbon and sewn in mouth. Perhaps someone may recognize him. We don't know which

company produced him. /Sal
E-mail rd62rdstr1@aol.com


My prcious Teddy Bear is lost

A picture is sent in by Steve Caballero planning@woodlandwindows.net
Steve wrote this letter:
My daughter, Maria, lost her best friend, Teddy, a few weeks ago
after 9 years of partnership.
Maria is only nine years old.
I found your website by searching Teddy Bears, so if there is a way
you can get this plea to the right people, I’d appreciate it,
both emotionally and financially. I am
looking for a teddy bear like the one in the pictures,
a Dakin by manufacture. I am hot on the trail
of Dakin to see if they can help, as their website did not have
this particular breed, and nothing
has come of that so far. But I’m not giving up.

Thank you for any time or thought you give to our search.