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Bear post stamps!

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Bear post stamp

This is a 50 Finish mark (aprox $6) post stamp from 1989,

by the artist Pirkko Vahtero.

Post stamp with bear motive

Stamp with swedish brown bear

This is an 32 cent stamp from 1998 sent to me

This Swedish 1.15 crownes Bear stamp 

 by Mary Nicol from USA with an image 

was released 11 April 1978,

of a bear owned by Dee Hockenbery.

but is still available at  post offices

The stamp came out in 1998.

 in Sweden!

Bear decorated post stamp

Stamp with bear

This is a really nice $8 grizzly stamp

Swedish contemporary artist 

from Canada.

Lasse Aberg is the man behind this nice
This stamp was released October 15, 1997 in domestic post stamp. They were released 
panes of 4. They are rare and hard to find, October 7, 2000  on a pane together 
so keep your eyes open for this one! with 5 other toy theme stamps. It became  
very popular and is already sold out!

New zeland bear stamp Polar bear post stamp
This 40 cent stamp from New Zealand A $2 Canadian polar bear stamp
is a really rare one according to  is all I know about this one.
Mr Russell Watson, General Manager  Maybe you can help me with 
from New Zealand Post. some more information regarding
This stamp was never meant to be released! this stamp?
Read more about it here! Read more about this stamp here!

Teddy Bear stamps
A new stamps from Switzerland
"Centenary of the Teddy Bear" CHF 0.90
Sent to me by Honk