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The X-mas bath story!

or the never underestimate your parents shrewdness story!

Teddy Bear getting ready for a bath

Teddy Bear ready to get clean

When it's x-mas time, it's always nice to get

I love this sweater and I always wear it
some new clothes to put when I visit my grandma, but dad told me it

 (I didn't suspect anything at this stage!)

was definitely about time to get it cleaned!

Teddy Bear taking a christmas bath

OOh now I have been fooled by my parents, I will never get into that tub NEVER!!
My mum told me that the tub has been custom built just for me and dad threatened me
 with Santa Claus! I didn't buy any of that, so finally dad had to force me
 down in the tub anyway (He told me I was dirty, can you imagine!)

Greggan is taking a bath to get clean for Xmas

Hmmmm! not to bad after all!

Actually quit relaxing and the water was perfectly tempered and the bubbles soft as honey!

Mum had arranged with some candles to make this painful yearly experience 

as bearable as possible:o).   In fact in the end it was almost equally

 hard to get me out of the tub as it was to force me down into it!

The yearly bath for Greggan bear

Ears are important to clean, according to dad.
Let me know if he is wrong about that!

Once a year Greggan are taking a bath
And the smelly area need to be cleaned too, he said.
I tried to tell him that bears always smell nice, but
he didn't buy my arguments. he just said: arms up!

Greggan relaxing after his bath

The reward: wrapped around with a towel and a nice
ice cold beer while waiting for my fur to get dry!

Theddy Bear cleaning
After the long nice drying/resting period it was time to get
 the soft brush in use, to tidy my fur and get it all shiny again.

Teddy Bear get brushed after a bath

 Hi there now I'm cleaned, brushed and back in business! With new cloths

 and a pair of fluffy slippers waiting in the relaxing chair. Now its time to get dressed!

Teddy bear Greggan geting dressed after the bath

Teddy Bear getting dressed

Struggling with the new sweater because

What a handsome bear :o)

my dad was to lacy to unbutton it for me. Dressed to get hugged and loved, ready to
The nice sweater is a gift from meet  Santa Claus and
my friend Mary Nicol! the kids at x-mas evening.