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USA New York 2009

In May of 2009 I was visiting New York for the first time and I tried to do
all those things that you expect a tourist in NYC to do :0)

The thing I liked best was to have my portrait drawn by a nice and
talented asian girl in Battery Park. This park is a nice and relatively
relaxed place of NYC where you can not only find the ferries to the Statue
of liberty, but also just sit down an have a nice cold beer and enjoy the
water front view and people walking by.

Gregory Bear portrait by a talented carcole drawing artist in Battery park New York

A cooool bear (Me myself and I) portrait drawn at the Battery Park.
Watch the slide show below to find out how it looked like :0)

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  Gregory Bera by the Empire state building

We stayed at a hotel just a few
steps from the fabulous Empire State building.

This picture was taken just
outside our window.

Next thing we did was to actually
get to the top of this building!

My advice, be there early in the
morning We bearly managed to
beat the crowd at 9.15am
Empire state building observation deck

Empire State Bear

A few clouds but no wind this day. slightly smoggy but still, the view from
this building was fantastic!

Gregory Bear and the Statu of liberty Statue of liberty ferry ticket
Next "must do thing" on the schedule was to visit the Lady Statue of liberty
so we did :0). This time we didn´t beat the masses of other
tourists, so it took some tiiiiiiiiime to get there. Anyhow it was a nice warm day with lots of sun, so a boat trip was just what I needed to cool down.
Manhattan seen from Liberty Island
A picture of me and the .......                             Me and Brunis in front of Manhattan as viewed from Liberty Island


A few days of just walking around, do some shopping and relax is also recommended.
This help you to get the feeling of New York, I actually started to become a New Yorker
at the end of my visit :0)

Cetral Park Bears of New York
We also went to Central Park (you should do
that too :0) and found these beary friends.

Greggan in New York
Nice and cute bear somewhere in Battery Park, can
someone help me to identify the building in the back?

Flatirion Building New York
You probably recognize the building
to the left (Slightly blurred since focus has to be on me :0) It can be spotted in several films and photos taken in New York over the years.
The Flatiron Building at 175 Fifth Ave


All done? Nope still lots of things on the schedule!   Next to do was to get on the
Rockefeller Center building to get a view of the New York by night.

A view from The top of the rocks at the Rockefeller center New York Greggan at Top Of The Rock
Heli ride over manhattan and statue of liberty
20 dollar bear
NYC Metro card

I also went on a helicopter ride over New York, that was fantastic, got lost on the Metro (not so fantastic) and spent a lots of dollars, just like a good tourist should do :0)

A Quarter dollarA DimeOne Cent coinFive Cent
From top left, Mr Washington, Mr Jefferson, Mr Roosevelt, Mr Lincoln and finally Gregory Bear!