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"Judge" Greggan 


Now we have reached the end of my T-shirt quiz and  have I received over 450 
competitors, which is more than I ever could have imagined! Thank you all!
I have had a difficult time to pick the winners! But here are the five best 
which had all the correct answers and the most appealing descriptions of why 
us Teddy Bears are so desirable.
(In alphabetical order)


"From the time we are infants, they are silent listeners, cuddly
comforters, and lifelong playmates".
Amy Ciucci


"When your lonely, pick up a bear and give it a big hug and your
loneliness will be gone"!   
Bonnie Duncan 


"A Teddy Bear is a warm and loving friend, whether I am happy or sad, I can on him depend".
Helen Hellqvist


"They just bring out the best in me, is all I can tell you"!
Virginia Knight


"I have never seen a teddy bear with their arms down or shut. 
They’re always open for those who love hugs and to cuddle with".
Maryann Mullins


CONGRATULATIONS Amy, Bonnie, Helen, Virginia and Maryann! Well done!


I would also like to honour these lovely motivations. They really made me smile ;-)


"Because they snuggle all night long, keep your secrets, don't snore

or hog the covers, and they are the cuddliest people in the world".
Mary Nicoll

"Teddy Bears are so desirable because they love you unconditionally,

even if you don't do their laundry or make them dinner".
Jennifer Magnusson


love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,,love them"!!
Gayle Duren

"They are soft and cuddly, great to hug when hubby isn’t home".

Cindy Cruz

"Teddy Bears are desirable because they put my wife in a "cuddly"

Bob Elkins

Teddy Bears are so desirable because they're cute, soft, fluffy, and

fun to sleep with. You can use them as a pillow, they don't mind".
L Lander

"Teddy Bears are great to remind you of the special person who was

nice enough to give it to you".
Michael Allen


The following ones are good too and my heart is beating for them as well!

(In random order)
Teddy Bears are so desirable because you can just sit and hug them
and they make you feel so much better.

They're always there when you are sad or lonely and waiting with a

hug. They are just there for you unconditionally.
Dawn Balistreri

Teddy Bears are huggable, loveable and so adorable.  They're

absolutely the best friends to lean on when in need.
R Soliz

To me a Teddy Bear is desirable because kids that can't or don't have friends can find one in a Teddy Bear.

Iris dreamer

They are good listeners, non-judgemental and give unconditional

Steve Hogan

Teddy Bears are so desirable because they remind us of times when a

hug from our Teddy could make everything all right. I remember
countless times when I was comforted by my favourite bear.
Dawn M. Colombo

Because a Teddy Bear will always love you, no matter what.

Bobby D Crosby
Teddy Bears inspire love and trust. When you have a problem or a

secret you can always tell them and they will listen, not tell 

anyone or judge you.
Donna Lepine
Bears are so desirable because they are warm and cuddly, like a mom,

but a lot more transportable.

Amy Davis

Because of their innate snuggle-ability.

Marcia Pinto

They can make a scared child comforted, a sad person smile :-)

Debby Harding

Teddy Bears are Best Friends. They never hurt you, are always there

to cheer you up.  They stay with you forever.
Elizabeth Pettengill

They have the ability to make you feel better no matter how old you

are. They can make you smile when you think things can't be fixed 
and are just nice to have around.
Barbara Lewis

They're comforting to snuggle with when things start to get to you.

They remind me of the warmth and protected feelings of my childhood.
Billie McCulley


Alissa Deel


They can make even the worst days good just by giving you a great

big "bear" hug!
Beverly Poteet

Teddy bears are our babies, our best friend, even our dance

partners. They provide us with love, comfort, smiles and hugs
whenever we need them!
Sherry Carney

Bears are big and strong creatures! You can have the protection from a big beautiful

animal, and still dress him up and snuggle with him when you want.

Mandie Morrison


They are so precious. For us older folks they are like babies only


Joy Sowell

Because they forgive you. They always agree with you. They love you

no matter what. They are always willing to give you a hug.

Jan Keyangel

Teddy Bears are real friends. When you're blue, you can hug teddies 

(they always make it better).  You can count on teddies to be true.
Kelly Conrad

They can ease our tears, they can make us smile, they can take away

ou r loneliness and they are just irresistible.
Nancy Loveless

Teddy Bears have those qualities that we adults most admire, and

wished we possessed: innocence, optimism, and unconditional love.
Jessica Thomas

No matter what age you are, you can hug them and not be embarrassed.

Marilyn Kerns
Teddy bears are love and you can't get too much love or too many

Teddy Bears!

Denise Stroud

Because if you're old, they make you feel young at heart; if you're

young, they make you feel loved.  Young or old, they're wonderful
Angela Frederick

You can always look at a Teddy Bear and it can make you smile. How

often can one actually say that about someone who talks.
Laura Chamberlain

They represent the symbiosis between giving and receiving Love  ;  )

Janis Saunders

They are universal. Everyone in any country loves them.

Barb Minter

They are good listeners, loyal friends and can dry tears with a

touch of their soft fur.
Renee Dayton

Teddy Bears. You just gotta LOVE EM!!!!!

Shelley Prussak


Teddy bears are always there to listen to you when you're feeling

down, and they ALWAYS sympathize with you. They are a great comfort
to you when you are sick or lonely. They love to travel everywhere
with you.
Cynthia D. Reardon

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