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My 2011 Advent calendar, Enjoy :0)
My Teddy Bear Calenda 2011

Miscellaneous    (Click images to find the fun)
Teddy bear taking a x-mas bath
Time agai, My Christmas bath 2009 :0(
Teddy bears going campiing in the archipelagos
New tent for summer of 2009 we love it!
Gregory song
An amazing Gregory bear Jazz song from my creator Carol-Lynn Rössel

Teddy bears driving a snowmobile!

Santa claus paper doll
Print and cut out to play with this beutifull Gregory bear santa paper doll.

Famous world traveling Teddy Bear Woop woop in Sweden with Greggan :0)

X-mas tree chopping!

X-mas tree decoration

Gardening with Chadden!

F1 race weekend!

Bonfire with apple barbecue!

SCOOP! My First Mother Carol-Lynn Rösse

My Christmas bath 2002

My summer 2001


The quiz result!

Bear post stamps!

arcipT.jpg (2609 bytes)

Another lazy day in the Stockholm archipelago

6yearsT.jpg (2067 bytes)

Birthday Party!

partyhattT.jpg (10494 bytes)

A night out with the girls!

pilotT.jpg (3418 bytes)
Greggan the Pilot!

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