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Gregory facts! Quick Facts

Gregory is designed by the US bear artist
Carol-Lynn Rössel Waugh  and named after her brother Gregory. He is originally designed  for the company Effanbee  in 1989. The company was later bought by
Russ Berrie. He first introduced Gregory in 1991. The original Gregory was14in (35cm) high and jointed, the manufacturer later  developed and mass produced Gregory as an un-jointed bear.
Greggan is bought on an impulse on a Finnair
flight, but as you can see he
gets love and hugsanyway ;-)

by Pauline Cockrill. (Nice book)


Russ Berrie and Company Inc.
is a manufacturer and distributor of the worlds largest range of impulse gift products.
Including stuffed toys, mugs, figurines, greeting cards, posters, candles and dolls.
Russ Berrie started up in 1963 and now employs 2600 people worldwide.
In Oakland, New Jersey you will find the company flagship a 18,000 square foot showroom and  the headquarters.
Most of the company products are, unlike
Gregory, designed by their own designers.
More facts at the Russ homepage! http://www.russberrie.com/


Greggan when he was new! Russ Berrie & Toffie