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Meet Gregory Bears First Mother!
My Creator the Fabulous Carol-Lynn Rössel


This wonderful painting of "Gregory's Tea" was sent to me from her !!!

Carol-Lynn told me that a friend of her living in Sweden told her about my website.

In her e-mail to me she says:

 "How fascinating to see Gregory is having Swedish adventures!

Gregory is named for my brother, Carl Gregory Rössel and I designed him for Russ Berrie a dozen years ago.

He has been my most popular manufactured Teddy.

Once I was in the airport in Stockholm, on the way to Russia and I saw four Gregory Bears sitting on a shelf, each

wearing a Swedish sweater.  I was so surprised to see my children there I screamed. 

This made the nice ladies in the gift shop most concerned."

Carol-Lynn also tells us that her grandparents came from Stockholm. Can you imagine, what a small world!


Cousin Maria!

"Greg has a cousin named Maria and is a subject of a book called "Bear Making 101" by

Carol-Lynn.It is a story book, as well as a how-to book and tells about the rest of

Gregory's family and how to make them.

In this picture Maria is sitting on a "dala-horse" (a classic Swedish Souvenir).

Her grandfather and grandmother met at a park in Sigtuna, Sweden. It was love at first

sight. Since she was from Arkhangelsk, Russia and they might never have met again

if they parted, they married immediately.

Carol-Lynn says: This is a photo I took of Maria in Skansen, on the way back from

her first trip to Arkhangelsk, in

Russia 1997.  She is wearing the sweater she glommed from the Gregory Bear I bought at

the Stockholm airport".

Interview with Carol-Lynn Rössel (Opens in new window)

Interview found at Tashambra's Menagerie

More about Gregory here


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