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A day at the Royal Swedish Opera!

Greggan at teddybearpages.com pays a visit at the Swedish royal opera
Start with some streching
Gregory Bear at the Royal Opera in Stockholm Sweden
Teddy Bear visiting the Opera
Just look how flexible I am :-)
Teddy Bear Greggan at the Royal Ballet
Miss Eila joined me, and again we shared some quality time together. Even our clothes matched!
Ballet Bear
The Hall is pretty impressive, I must admit.
Greggory Bear at dance training
The Golden Foyer,  I fit in easily in these surroundings, don't you think?
Dans practis for Teddy bears
This chair was especially made just for me!
Swedish Royal Opera
Me and Prima Ballerina, working together during rehearsal.
Teddy Bear
Trying to be as quiet as possible.
Deca dance
Oh, it looks so easy....
Gregory Bear alias Greggan at the opera sceen

Everyone is very busy, I just enjoy the moment.

Dancing Bear
Anna Pavlova's foot !
Glamor Bear
Exhausted after a long day of dancing!