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My worldwide friends!
Ted bear

My friend Ted
Ted's Mum Linda tells us about Ted..
Ted have his story on his web page .. but here is the the short version!
Ted was a birthday gift, and we took great fun in making him part of the family
an empty nest kind of thing I guess LOL. Anyway eldest son was not impessed
and suggested Ted should vanish while we were on holiday. Didn't believe me
when I said Ted was going too. Naturally Ted did go with us and had a great
time and made new friends in the process. That's the basic story of Ted:-)

Find out more about Ted by visiting his own web site, you can find it [HERE]

Nj Sun Bathing In Llandudno
My friend Nj Sun Bathing In Llandudno Wales.
teddybear patients
Teddy T. and Spaulding T. Bear from Philadelphia, PA, USA recuperating after out-patient
cleanings and bean removal/stuffing injection from Dr. Hanna's Teddy Bear Hospital. We still
have our hospital bracelets on, which are beary good for extra hugs and attention.
Hi! My name is Sooty. I am 54 years old but am keeping well. I love going off on caravan
holidays with my family and also with Dorothy and Dennis. This is a picture of me on the
harbour wall in Craster, Northumberland.
Cheers, Sooty
This is my web friend Sir Allan Ellwood (A Russ bear as I' am)
He lives in Germany in the north of Berlin!
This is Gregory my cousin from Germany and the little brother of Sir Allan!
I think he looks a little more well behaved compared to myself actually :O)
My German cousin also have human friends, this girl's name is Marie.
I think Marie is really cute :0)
This is my friend Lillis!
He is small as a thumb but strong as a bear.
It is practical to be small sometimes like in this case when you
really get use of that umbrella that you got with your drink :0)
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