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Miha the bear
This is Miha from Russia, he lost his parents once, but got them back again
thanks to that friendly human that brought them together again!

My friend Teddy from Frankfurt / Germany surfing my site and then taking a rest in his nice chair!
Teddy is also a bit of a traveler and have seen several countries and cities just like myself :0)

The Rat
My friend Zingo the rat from Holmsund likes to have a little chatt!

This is my new friend Chadden. We had a nice moment in front of the fireplace!
Rumours about Chadd planning his own homepage are circulating :0)

Honk in Morocco
As handsome as you might expect!

Beaumont and Theodore
Beaumont (the large one) and Theodore live in Iowa, USA with human Brett
DeBruyn. They love looking at Gregor's pages and hearing about his stories.
Diva&Greggan in concert!
Diva is from Umeå in the northern parts of Sweden.
She is an excellent piano player could hardly teach her anything at all ;o)

Tricoll is named  by the 3 colors of his neck ribbon. He is a very good friend and we had a lot of
fun this summer when we punctured our parents air beds while they were asleep! 
His dad Hans, loves bears almost too much, that's why Tricoll has got such a heavy patina!


This is my cousin Greg, he is living in USA and have recently MOVed in at Mary Nicol's house.

I believe this will make Ellen Greg's sister and my cousin!?!!???

More about Greg Here!

The fellow

 I met this lad in Lanzarote when I was there for a holiday.  I don't know his name (any 

suggestions?). Anyhow he liked beer just like myself, so we had a few
(too many according to mum). But we had a long nice chat and a lot of fun in the 
nice warm garden bar! 


Petrus is my friend from Gothenburg. He loooves football and is one of Carola's 

greatest fan. She is a very famous singer in Sweden. Just look how proud he is of the signed 

photograph of her!!


Dexter is hand crocheted by Mary Nicol so he must be full of love!  

He wears a  pair of good looking jeans too!


Hi! My name is Baby and I was born in Stockholm. I now live near Washington DC with

 my mom, Laurie. This is a picture of me cooking up a mean stir fry.  I am quite an  excellent chef!

Owen and his sister Daisy DewLee (below) stays with Mary Nicol.  They come from
Chicago, Illinois and Teri Crews is the lady who created them. 
Owen looks like a nice fellow!

Romney di Whinlatter
Romney di Whinlatter is living whith his human Jani in Norwich,Norfolk, England.
Here is a picture of him dressed as Batbear, for a fancy dress birthday party
I don't spend all my time saving the world though, says Romney. But sometimes I work as a
computer programmer and my ambition is to be a writer. Most of my time is
taken up with organizing humans though - you know how it is!

Santa Klaus
Santa Klaus's mother hopes that he will go to a German bear magazine. 
Although she has second thoughts. Susanne Mensing-Varila says that she already loves 
him so much that she wonders whether she will be able to sell him or not.  
(I think she should keep him, don't you agree?)

Little Bougainville Blossom and the Big Blue Sea
"Little Bougainville Blossom" and the Big Blue Sea, the new lovers was also made by Susanne. 
Nice picture of this loving couple!

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