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George Romper
Teddy bear
George is from Tucson,Arizona where he lives with his human  Diana.
I think he looks very Cooooool :0)
I guess he is a little bit like my friend Timber, huge and humble!

Sunny and Sunshine
Sunny and Sunshine are deeply in love. 
They were created by Susanne Mensing-Varila in Finland.


I think Ellen is really cute,  she comes from South Africa and was made by a Bear artist

named Janet Changfoot. 
Mary,  who brought  her to the USA, thought she looked so pitiful,  that she adopted her!
She says that every time she looks at her, she has to pick her up and give her a hug.
She always looks like she needs it says, Mary Nicols.


This picture of  Honk has been sent to me by his humanitarian friend  Heinz Krämer.

 I have been told that he travels a lot, just like myself (nice outfit Honk!).

Marjo's Teddy bear  Plutto

This sweet little Teddy "Plutto" was sent by Marjo from Sweden. 

 The words at the top in the picture says "a gift".   

Nasse and Miss Jennifer

nasse.jpg (6068 bytes)

You all know Nasse, don't you? He is both my and

Winnie the Pooh's friend, he is a pig, but soft as a bear!

Palle and Miss Josefin

palle.jpg (7218 bytes)

My best friend Palle is a very lazy bear and prefers to stay in

the bed, that's why he never takes of his pajamas and night-cap!

Sunnie's bears

bears1.jpg (13249 bytes)

My friend Sunnie from Sulphur, Oklahoma have sent me this image 
to show us some of her bear friends.


andy.jpg (3386 bytes)

Check out my friend from Gotland, he is cuddly and soft, but

we don't know exactly what kind of creature he is... Do you?


att00002.gif (42908 bytes)

One of my friends busy browsing my home page to see

if something new has happened in the Bear-forest lately!


james.jpg (4514 bytes)

This is James a Teddy Bear that are running his own business

Bilberry Bears Teddy bear store at Folkungagatan 128-130 in Stockholm.

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