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Swedish royal castle in Stockholm
Stockholm by night :0)
Today we have made some sightseeing despite the rainy and boring weather.
Anyhow, if you take a look at the background of the two good looking bears
(me and Woop Woop) you can see the Royal Castle of Sweden.

Woop woop and Santa clauses
Talking with the Santa clauses
Today I and Woop Woop took a walk to the nice south side of Stockholm.
As you can se we had the luck to run i to some Santa´s while they where
walking around and asking children what they wished for Xmas.
As expected they told us that we where the cutest bears they had ever met.
We asked Santa´s if we could get some honey and salmon for Xmas presents.

Xmas market in old town
Christmas's market
Here we are at the Old town Christmas market.
You can buy all kinds of Xmas things here and also get some hot red xmas spiced wine
saffron bred and those tasty famous Swedish Pepper cookies.

Stockholm city hall where the Nobel prize winner was celebrated
City hall of Stockholm
On top of the Skinnarviken hill it is quite windy today, but we are dressed to withstand the
wind chill.
In the back you can spot the City hall of Stockholm where the Nobel prize winners are
celebrated by the King.
Keep in touch for updates /Greggan
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