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Greggan in Iceland
Me on top of a small iceberg that are floating around in a large glacier lagoon.
Located next to the glacier Vattnajokull (Yes my butt became cold after a while).
Gregory Bear at a glacier
At the beach side of the same Laguna (Looking gorgeous as usual :0).
I actually didn't´t even think about taking a bath in this lake since I was told it could be
down to -4 celsius in the water due to the amount of salt it contains.
Greggan visiting an Icelantic geisir
A small and cute Geisir (Teddy bear Sized :0)
A nice Icelantic waterfall
Teddy Bear Greggan at the Skogafoss Iceland
And a much larger waterfall (Skogafoss), about 62.00241 meters high!
Teddy BEar by the sea (Iceland)
A rather cloudy day at the beach.
This beach was covered by small soft round black stones and it felt
just like walking in caviar (Yes I use to do that :0)
Please feel free to use my Island travel search if you are in the mood :0)