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Oslo in Norway
Operaen in Oslo
A photo from my most recent visit to Oslo, Norway
They have just opened their new Opera house (Operaen).
This particular day we were about to see a ballet performed by the royal ballet.
Their performance was outstanding :0)
Oslo city hall
A cute bear in front of Oslo City hall!
Teddy Bear WC at the Oslo Airport
Oslo is very bear friendly, we even have our own toilets at the airport!

Beiruth pigionrocks and a nice teddy bear

Teddy bear gregory in Baalbek
A cute bear sitting on a large anchor on the Akers brygge in Oslo.
In the back and to the right of me you can see The Eternal Peace-flame (se below)
Temple of baccus and Teddy Bear
Placard of The Eternal Peace-flame at Akers brygge.
Akers brygge
Again a view from Akers brygge (It is one of the sweet spots of Oslo)
The two tower in the background is the city hall.
Oslo by night!
Brunis also came with me to Norway.
Here we are sitting at the hills above the harbor bay in Oslo.
Svalbard is also a part of Norway and there you can find polar bears!
More about Svalbard here: www.lk-panorama/svalbard