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In this picture I am sitting in the middle
of the Scottish heath that was covered with heather!


Highland cow
This fellow is called a Highland cow!
Nice haircut!
Inverness visit
I highly recommend you to visit the very friendly and cosy Inverness.
I bought my kilt and hat at the local kilt store.
Teddy bear in Portree scotland
Next place to visit, Portree at Isle of Sky,
for the cosy environmental, the excellent salmon and the lobsters of course.
Typical proud scotish
A proud bear in his kilt.
Dunvegan castle
Dunvegan castle, my hunting cabin in the Scottish landscape.
Dunrobbin castle
My all time favorite castle, Dunrobin castle in Sutherland with its
wonderful gardens and a strange, but interesting hunting museum.
Teddy bear train driver
I also had the opportunity to take this train for a ride.
I found it in a nice recreation park in Inverness.