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Kittelfjäll, Sweden Alps
Greggan in the swedish alps Kittelfjäll
Kittelfjäll is my favorite place on earth! I usually go here during the winter for skiing and
snowmobiling, but the summer is great too and the autumn is even better with all the colors.
Kittelfjäll Västerbotten alps Sweden
Walking in the "Fjällen" (Swedish alps) is both relaxing and breathtaking in several ways.
When we reached the top of a mountain, you take a brake to enjoy the view and to have a sandwich and a cup of chocolate. After that you get....
Greggan taking a rest in mumms backpack :0)
...a bit tired and lazy.
I asked mum and she allowed me to ride/rest in her backpack for a while :0)
A great view from a mountain in northern Sweden
Yet another breathtaking view. The way up was easy this time since I woke up in mums's
backpack just when we reached the top :0)