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Bari Italy
Bari is a supernice place in the southern parts of Italy.
Next time I visit, I will try to remember their siesta schedule :0)  (about 13:00-16:00)
Gregory bear visiting Trani of Italy
Trani is a small but cosy town in the south of Italy
not far from Bari and this cathedral is as famous as I am :0)
Teddy bear outside Vitorio Emanuelle in italy
As a Teddy Bear fashion icon I visit Milan in Italy as often as I can!
In the background you can spot my second home, the shopping heaven
Via Vittorio Emanuelle!
Nice image from Italy
Me resting in the small village of Menaggio situated on Lake Como
Greggan at Lake Como
A sparkling beautiful bear with some nice sweet-scented and colorful flowers,
here in belle Bellagio, lago di Como!
Teddy bear Love
Romantic promenade (Via Amore) between Monterosso and Riomaggiore
with my dearest Daisy.
The shadow of a Teddy Bear
Resting in the shadows after a hard walk up the hill!
(One of the villages at Cinque Terre) Monterosso del mare, beach in the background.
Bear in Rom
Me outside St Peters cathedral in Rome.
Gregory Bear in Milan Italy
Travelling on a Tram in Milan heading for the
fabulous food store Peck!